Sunday, 23 August 2015

Little Red Dress - Date Night

Finally, an outfit post! Unfortunately my move back home has left me without a photographer buddy so these may be more sparse now but I always post my outfits on Instagram. And even despite my best efforts after my 'Where I've Been' post, I'm still struggling to find time to log on and blog. Here's to trying harder! I'm fast approaching my 200th blog post, and as a late celebration for reaching 2000 Instagram followers, I'm going to be hosting a giveaway across here and my social media platforms so keep tuned! 

Possibly one of the best things about my new job - Sample Sales. I picked up this GORGEOUS Topshop dress for a couple of pounds and I'm so in love. I wore it out last night with heels to dress it up, but I think this denim jacket and boot ensemble is a perfect day to day way to wear it. 

My wardrobe is slowly filling with red clothes and I'm loving it. 
*Insert dancing girl emoticon here*

Another bargain Sample Sale find was this lovely fold over clutch bag. I can't find this online but it's a Topshop sample so hopefully it will be in store soon! BUT I've hunted down a lovely Boohoo bag in a similar style for just £15! May have to get myself one as well.

My Denim Jacket is actually my Mum's! It's Principles from Debenhams and I love it so much that I'm buying myself one. She won't let me steal it forever! I love the shade of blue and the slightly more worn colour on the front. It's such a good length and also nice and lightweight for warm evenings.

And despite me linking the real thing above, no these aren't the real Chloe boots (waaahh). I bought these a few years ago in a 'garage shoes' store, but Office also do a very similar pair. They're not the real thing, but they're pretty darn close. Oh and they're missing the £700 price tag so that's another bonus.

Laura xxx


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