Friday, 11 September 2015

An Introduction to Clean Living - Naturally Sassy event with AO Life

Hi all, hope you're all well and loving our typical british summer, boo!

A few weeks ago, when the sun was shining, I attended a Clean Living event hosted by AO Life. I arrived late due to work (oops!) but was welcomed with the most amazing juice followed by Yoga and healthy Gluten Free cooking! 

This Beetroot, Banana and Honey smoothie was amazing. I personally don't like cubes of ice in my smoothie but after a rush from work was loving having this to help me cool down. Definitely a recipe I'm going to try and recreate at home!

A little outfit snapshot; Wearing Motel Vintage, Topshop Fringed Snake Bag and Khaki Sleeveless Blazer and my infamous Grey Faux Suede Zara boots.

The event was hosted by Saskia from Naturally Sassy. She was so lovely a bubbly and it was amazing to meet someone so passionate about their diet. She showed us how to create these amazing flatbread pizza wraps that were Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Personally, the dairy free cheese we made by mixing Cashew Butter and other ingredients wasn't a good enough substitute for me, but definitely something I'd recommend if you're Dairy Free!

We combined Cherry Tomatoes, the Cheesy Sauce and plenty of Guacamole before grilling the flat breads. I think I went a little light on the toppings (sorry Warburtons but your gluten free wraps aren't brilliant), so have recreated this since at home, piled full. YUM!

I had to rush off an catch my train to Birmingham for the weekend, but not before I filled a takeaway box with these yummy treats. We also got a lovely goody bag full of some lovely kitchen bits, a pret juice and a taster of Saskia's products, this Vegan Brownie. 

Laura xxx

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