Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Late Night Stroll in Bath

Hi Guys! So I've been terrible AGAIN, I've had the most manic month and honestly haven't felt like blogging. I've taken lots of photos with good intentions though, so you're getting lots of posts coming up. I'm scheduling a ton today, so this is no lie!

A couple of months ago (yep see, terrible!) I took my boyfriend away to Bath for the weekend. We don't see each other often so when we do it's lovely to get away and do something new. I fell in love with the city, the things to see and of course, places to eat.

We were told by a local to visit the Roman Baths in the evening, not joining the queues in the day. We headed down all ready for dinner to be greeted by an open door with no queue. It was really quiet inside and so incredible. We even hopped onto a tour at the end and had a brilliant tour guide telling us about the Baths, but for the rest of the time, they supplied radios to tell you about each exhibit as you went around.

I find these things fascinating, but to jazz it up a bit, here's some outfit snaps too.

These striped culottes/trousers are my FAVE. I adore them. I picked them up from Zara and they were an absolute bargain. Definitely staying hung up in my wardrobe ready for next summer (and my cheeky holiday in a couple of weeks!) They do stick to your legs which can get really annoying, but as a whole I love them.

I kept things simple with a matching top, black boots and a leather jacket. I'm pleased I didn't go for anything more heeled then these boots because the floor in the Baths is not even whatsoever, and can be really slippy in places. Tip; wear trainers!

As we visited at night, the sunset about halfway through our visit, allowing us to see the baths in daylight, and all lit up by fires and lighting. It was absolutely incredible and definitely something I would recommend if you're planning on taking a visit!

Aren't the baths so beautiful?! Which is your favourite city in the UK?

Laura xx


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rebeccalikestotravel said...

I really want to go to Bath & have for such a long time so that tip about going late on is a very good idea! Love the outfit too, ADORE those culottes!
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