Thursday, 29 September 2016

So... It's been a while

I should probably start by explaining where I've been.

Since I last properly posted; I officially graduated from University (with a 2:2, 0.25% off a 2:1 cos I'm an unlucky human), I worked a year at Miss Selfridge before finally breaking from the commuting and sheer stress of it all, something which probably requires a full post. I luckily got a new job based much closer to home working for Primark a few months ago and most recently I moved out officially, not just a temporary uni house, but proper moved out out.

I gave in blogging shortly after starting my job at Miss S, purely due to the long hours and lack of spare time. Essentially my job became my life. I was regularly logged on until midnight, didn't take a lunch break for the entire final 6 months there, and had to do some form of work almost every weekend. With a quarter of my salary going on travel, I was skint, stressed and just not loving life.
One late night full of stress I stumbled upon a job at Primark and the rest I guess is history.

It's not been all plain sailing and I've quickly realised that Fashion will always be Fashion - the bitchiness almost rivals that of The Devil Wear's Prada (remind me to watch that and feel better about my life), but on the whole I'm far happier and have a huge amount of spare time. I'm so determined to keep going and achieve my goals and can't wait for what the future holds.

I've wanted to get back into blogging for ages, I still post on Instagram regularly and spend half of my life reading blogs, chatting to bloggers, watching youtube videos etc etc. It almost seems silly to not be doing something I so desperately need and want to do.

So here it is, my statement of intent. I'm going to try get back into this and hope you can all bare with my while I find my feet again.

Any blog post ideas are greatly welcomed. Happy to speak openly about University (and why I wish I didn't go), getting my first job (while I was still studying), working for a big brand etc etc. just anything!


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