Friday, 29 September 2017

Back once again...

Let's try this again shall we.

Blogging is one of my favourite things ever, but it's something I let get away from me. One week without a post turns into a month and I end up being entirely overwhelmed and unmotivated. I'm going to try again with no full plan, just to create content when I want to.

I'm in a new job, (finally said goodbye to the Fashion Industry), a new house, a new town, everything. I've spent a few months focusing on me, eating well, going to the gym, getting in a good routine, but somethings still missing, blogging.

It's hard to explain how much I love being in this community. As someone who's struggled a lot in my life to maintain long friendships with people I've met as an adult, the welcoming and loving nature of the blogging community is like nothing else. So after months of putting it off, I'm going to try again.

So here it goes, any content you want to see please let me know. I think this will be heavily food/lifestyle focused, with fashion sticking more on my Instagram, but we'll see. I also am pinning like mad, so if you're a Pinterester, find me here. Stay tuned for lots of gluten free goodness and restaurant recommendations (I've got a whole bunch I can't wait to share with you!!!)

Laura xx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Stress Of Holidays - Flying with allergies

Booking a holiday is always so exciting, planning where to go, looking at amazing photos of hotels, researching things to do and places to see, and of course, that much needed time off work. But then the reality hits in, every week there seems to be new fees on top of the massive amount you've already spent, and nothing seems to go smooth. Anyone else?

I've always been super unlucky with holidays, remember that ash cloud? Maybe my month long experience stuck in Dubai should've been the black cloud (get it) hinting the stress to come.

1. Extra charges for absolutely everything...

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