Friday, 15 December 2017

Primark Custom Eyes palette - 60p single pan shadows!!

The title is not lying, I've been and picked up Custom eyes eyeshadow palettes from Primark with single pan shadows that cost 60p! I'm honestly so shocked with these that I just had to share.

As a former Primark Employee, I went to a launch preview for these MONTHS ago (back in March!) and was so excited for them to come in-store. I'm always massively impressed with Primark makeup and own a lot of pieces - Primark snobs get away from me please.

Possibly the best thing about these palettes is the price - they're magnetic and will fit most single pan eyeshadows, and come in a 4 quad and 9 quad (£2/£3). There weren't a million shades available, only around 30, so I did struggle to pick 9. I wanted a palette I can take away with me and get a few looks out of, without being worried about breaking it en route.

I chose 3 themes, an orange/brown combo (which has been my most used), a pink/red middle row and finally a row for a dark olive smokey eye. Hopefully when they expand the range I can build them up to fuller palettes but for now this works well for me.

Shades Left to Right
-Top Row - Baked, Sun Kissed, Brick
- Middle Row - Tickle, Opal, Burnt
- Bottom Row - Sea Foam, Pistachio, Carbon

Post swatched palette so you can see how little was needed for the swatches above!
The colours themselves are honestly hit and miss. All the mattes are amazing, except Sea Foam (the greeney/blue) which does absolutely nothing. The stand outs for me are definitely Carbon, Baked and Brick. The Glitters are also fairly poor, they're super chalky so even with a wet brush they don't have much pay off, but for a day-to-day look they're fab, I just love a proper pigment glitter.

These work best when you take the lightest amount on your brush (they're pigmented!), tap off the excess, then build it up. It's very easy to go heavy handed due to how powdery they are, and this will give you major fall-out. There's still some fall out, so probably a pre-foundation eyeshadow palette if you're going for a heavier look.

A breakdown by shade;
Baked - perfect transition shade, this is my go-to shade in most palettes to cover my eyelid
Sun Kissed - a good glitter for a subtle day-to-day eye, works best with a wet brush but isn't blinding
Brick - amazing pigment. A perfect orange toned brown that works really well for any warm eye 
Tickle - another good transition shade for the crease 
Opal - second least favourite. Has hardly any colour pay-off and isn't a good colour with the rest, poor judgement on my part there! 
Burnt - stunning shade of red. I love going under my eyes with a red but some shades can make it look like I'm ill, this doesn't and is great. Has a slight shimmer too it but nothing drastic. 
Sea Foam - may as well not exist. 
Pistachio - I love this shade! I reeeally wanted an olive green for ages but knew it wouldn't be something I'd wear a lot, so for the price of this it's perfect. 
Carbon - this has so much pigment and is a really BLACK black. It's amazing. Highly recommend grabbing this shade even if you're just grabbing a quad!

Have you tried any Primark Beauty?

Laura xx


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