Hi! I'm Laura, Fashion Communication Student at Leeds College of Art and runner of Laura Cinnamon. 

I begun my blog a few years back, as a creative outlet with my friend. It's not grown massively since, and has remained on a back shelf in my life. For my final year project, I was researching the new Digital Age, and through this blogs. I begun to transform my blog, it's been through a name change and a makeover and I'm now building it up as a creative and inspiration platform. Alongside my own life experiences, style and lifestyle, I am producing a series of inspirational short films, on a variety of subjects. 

My research transformed from me researching Beauty and Style blogs, trying to find a path for myself, to me having a clear idea and message I want to share to everyone.

The best way to explain this is to share the reason why I decided to go down a path of helping others. I work Part-Time alongside university at a cocktail bar. One night a few weeks back, I ended up helping and comforting a girl who had met a man online on a dating website, and was scared of him. Without sharing more than I should, there was some debate with herself as to whether she had just got too drunk, or had been drugged. Regardless of the situation, the girl was distraught. We called an ambulance without her knowledge, and while I sat with her we made general conversation, I asked what she does for a living and she told me that she is unable to work due to a disability. From this point she was then down and crying, stating "no-one will ever love me because I'm disabled".

The whole thing really touched a nerve with me, and while I tried to convince her otherwise, I couldn't help but picture my mum saying the same words to me. My mum's story is one I wish to share with my project, showing how far she's come, the volunteering work she now does, and helping others to realise there can be a positive outcome, even from the worst situations.

I want to help people in as many ways as I can. I was only 10 when my mums life changed, and I've spent the past 11 years of my life helping her to grow, and regain her own confidence. It isn't all about what I can do, but about how others can share their own experiences to inspire others. Be it, pulling through a hard time, or breaking off from typical education and work paths to set up their own business, or even sharing a talent. I want to create a hub of creativity and inspiration, alongside my own personal life interests and experiences, as it's what I want to share and do. 

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